• Adding Insult To Injury

    The church I attended in my early years was especially rigid.  They had rules for everything – not rules that you’d find in the Bible but rules they made up for how they liked church to be.  They especially had a lot of rules for how one should dress on

  • People Watching 101

    Be a people watcher.  That’s right … the next time you go out, take the time to observe others around you – just don’t make it too obvious or you’ll creep them out!  And when you look at them ask yourself, “do they truly look rested?”  What I’ve seen in

  • Projects, Deadlines and Bottom Lines!

    “I Wish I Had” Of all the phrases I hear as a pastor, probably the most repeated ones are phrases of regret, like … “I wish I had …”.   Especially when people are about to say goodbye to this world, their perspective becomes much clearer and what is most important

  • He Who Dies With The Most Toys …

    Solomon Had It All No one had more than King Solomon.  During his reign as King over Israel, Solomon was paid over 1.1 billion (US equivalent) annually in tribute money by neighboring countries as an acknowledgment of Israel’s superiority.  In addition to that amount, Solomon gained immeasurable wealth from his

  • You Only Live Once?

    You Only Live Once: “You only live once.”  That’s been a catchphrase in our culture since all the way back in the mid 1960’s when Mickey Hart, drummer for the Grateful Dead, made this phrase click with the acrostic “YOLO.”  The phrase suggests that since we only get one shot

  • God’s Illogical Ideas …

    GODS “ILLOGICAL” IDEAS ARE INFINITELY BETTER THAN OUR MOST BRILLIANT ONES Many of God’s greatest recorded activities are attached to logic and reasoning that makes no sense to us.  Consider these: Give me those 5 loaves and 2 fish … I need to feed 5,000 people Pick the boy with

  • Overestimating Self!

    Do you know the end of these statements?   “The bigger they are …”      “Pride goes before …” It seems that the higher the perch we stand on the bigger the thud is when we hit the ground.  At some point in time, we’ve all heard that thud when others

  • So Why Do I Worship?

    Why do we worship God?  I was reading in the Old Testament book of Job where Satan questioned Job’s motive for worshiping God.  To quote the accusation, Satan says to God; “Does Job fear God for nothing  –  without any reason?” Satan never questions the fact that Job lived a

  • God Never Has a Crisis … We Do!

    OK – let’s face it. We all have moments of crisis. Panic sets in … we worry about what comes next in life. Maybe your feelings of panic come from financial issues, family problems or watching America’s political landscape! When we face moments of crisis, it’s important to remember that