Sunday Services

Calvary is located at the top of Calvary Drive in Norwich. If you are familiar with Norwich, Calvary Drive is just across the street from Pizza Hut. If you are coming from the South, turn left off Route 12 just after you see Pizza Hut. If you are coming from the north, you will turn Right off Route 12 after Arby’s. The church is a large white building at the top of the hill on the left.


Commonly Asked Questions

Most people who attend Calvary wear “business casual” clothing. Some wear jeans, and one or two people dress in suits. Honestly, we want people to feel comfortable as they worship. We believe that God cares more about your heart than your clothes. There is no dress code-so feel free to dress comfortably..
There are three main elements to our Worship Service: Teaching, Singing, and Spending Time together. Each week we dedicate a large portion of our time to Study God’s Word together. We focus on understanding what He communicated through the Bible, and how it impacts our lives. We also spend time singing together about how great God is, and how much He truly cares for each of us. Lastly, we spend time getting to know each other and building relationships in order to be an encouragement to one another along our spiritual journey.
At Calvary, we pride ourselves in offering fun, exciting, and educational programs to our kids. We offer children’s programming for all of our services. We have well-qualified members who look forward to being positive role models for kids as well as communicating God’s Truth to kids-on their level!

We cannot wait to see you!

One of the most difficult things about coming to church is knowing what to expect. At Calvary, we want you to feel comfortable and welcomed. As you join us this weekend, you have nothing to fear. We are not going to do anything to embarrass you, or point you out as “new.” Instead, we want you to be able to come right in, join us in worship, and learn about the God of all Creation along with us. It doesn’t matter where you are at on your Spiritual Journey, we want to provide you with a clear direction forward. Calvary Baptist Church meets each Sunday at 75 Calvary Drive, Norwich NY 13815. We have a 9:45 educational hour followed by a dynamic worship service at 10:45.