Community Care Program

Welcome to the Calvary Community Care Program! We are so excited you are here! We are here to give hope and love to our community. We do this by offering a food pantry and resource center. We provide you with not only the necessities of life but whatever you may need to help you get through the tough moments. Whether it’s a hug and shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, diapers for the baby, or a referral to another agency…we will do our best to help.

There are no financial guidelines for this program. However, we are only able to serve those who are residents of the Norwich area and/or are a part of our church family. At this time we are only able to serve 130 households. This will be on a first come and first serve basis. Any questionnaires remaining will be automatically forwarded to the next month's distribution. We will contact you to confirm or not that you will be eligible. We need to receive this form by the cut-off date in order to accommodate you. Please be prepared to show proof of residence (an ID or item of mail). Distribution dates are listed below along with the questionnaire due dates. Paper forms are available at church or by calling the church office (334-6698).

Thank you for allowing us to show you the love of Christ through our hands!

If you are able to contribute financially to this program, please mark your envelope for 'Community Care' and place in the offering plate, or mail your check made out to 'Calvary Baptist Church', with 'Community Care' in the memo space, to the church office. Thank you.

Calvary Baptist Church is pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Food Bank of Central New York to bring more and healthier food to the families we serve in the Norwich region. We are offering a “Fresh Foods Program” and will be supplying good quantities of fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, breads, occasional meats and many other products to our Calvary Care participants.

Calvary Cares next distribution is this Monday, February 20th at 5PM. This is a regular distribution featuring food, cleaning supplies, paper goods and diapers. There is no pre-registration and no delivery.

1. There will be no need to pre-register for this distribution. Just come to the church family center at the time of the distribution, receive a number, and you’ll be a part of the program.
2. Since we are supplying fresh food, regulations no longer allow us to provide a delivery option. All food must be selected and picked up at the church by the program participants.
3. Program dates and times may change each month for the first few months. Please check the church website or Facebook page for the next distribution date.

More food – better food – greater value … this is what we hope to offer our community to show that Calvary truly cares. We appreciate your flexibility these next few months as we adjust the program to bring more to your table.